Oh She’s Too Hot For Me

I’ve been through the blender. Hundreds of bars and lounges, countless social events, weddings, house parties and fund raisers. And everywhere I go, I seem to hear the same tune from the average Joes talking amongst themselves; «Oh she’s too hot for me!» Now you know…I’m here to help men that want to be helped but if there is one thing I can’t tolerate, its men that don’t believe in themselves and believe that they can’t achieve what they perceive to be impossible.

In my early twenties, I went through a rough stretch of insecurity and self-esteem issues.

I had gained a bit of weight, had bad acne and a slight speech impediment. Then…I met a model. I know it sounds far-fetched but I met her through a common friend, I mustered up all the courage I could gather to talk to her and low and behold, that breath-taking woman fell in love with me and she’s now the mother of my child.

When I asked her what she saw in me, she said; «You are not a shark like the rest of them and you seem to know what you want.» I never would have thought that a women like that would ever fall for me but YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY.

It’s all about putting your pride aside, grabbing your balls with your hands and seducing at the risk of repetitive failure.

Years ago when I went to Cuba, I immersed myself in the culture and went out to explore the night life for days on end. One thing that my trip to Cuba taught me about seducing women is; YOU HAVE TO TRY.

Cuban men are dirt poor, living in austere conditions in one of the few communist countries left in the world. They live in disparity to the rest of the globe. Yet seduction is a huge part of their everyday life.

Without exposure to media, seduction in Cuba hasn’t been over-sexualized.

For them it’s constant teasing and playing ‘catch me if you can’ in a sensual and playful way. When Cuban men approach Cuban women they almost always get shut down. The difference between Cuban men and men in the rest of the world is; THEY DON’T GIVE UP.

Although they get rejected they keep coming back to the same girl, who’s now intrigued and in admiration of the man’s persistence. Persistence is planting the «maybe seed» in the girl’s brain.

I’ve seen the most average guys leave the club with the most appealing women. Persistence doesn’t mean you have to be creepy and stalk her.

It means trying till you get a definitive no without making assumptions about what she’s thinking and what she’s looking for.

It’s a myth that beautiful women are hard to approach. Yes they’ve heard it all and seen it all but what they get very little of is authenticity. You can be authentic. A few years ago I was on Saint-Laurent Street in Montreal Canada I was walking northbound with a friend of mine. We always had a habit of looking out for girls for each other.

Suddenly, he grabs my arm and discretely points to a group of babes across the street

They were talking in a circle in the entrance of what looked like an office building. One of the girls was an 11 on 10, right up my alley; Mulatto, about 5’10», voluptuous, little waist, gorgeous eyes and addictive smile.

My friend and I approached with confidence and I was already sold. He was my wingman and he knew that this girl was EXACTLY my style.

  • As he distracted the other girls (like a solid wingman would do) I proceeded to seducing in Cuban fashion;
  • I wasn’t leaving until we exchanged numbers or I was absolutely certain that she rejected me.
  • I was hanging on her every word. She was an absolute knock out;

A half Jamaican, quarter German and quarter Indian. Beautiful personality that matched her body. ALL THE MEN were looking at her but in that moment it was my opportunity. I was confident that I would see her again because my experience had taught me to never rule out any possibility in life no matter how inconceivable it seems.

Well guess what?

Emulating Cuban male persistence and demonstrating authenticity paid off. By the end of the conversation I got her number and we ended up dating for several months!

The examples I’ve stated are to prove the point that you DON’T know until you TRY. So suck up your pride, become fearless and gamble the possibility of getting rejected…in the end, it might pay off. You don’t know until you give it a shot.